Social Service:

Chittaranjan Park Kali Mandir Society is registered Socio-Cultural Philanthropic and Charitable Organisation devoted to serve the humanity, particularly the down trodden and poverty-stricken, through social, economic, cultural and moral upliftment. The professed ideals are…

  • Running Free Reading Room and Library. About 5000 books covering all sections are stacked in the library. There is a special section for the children. A good number of Magazines and News Papers are subscribed on regular basis.
  • Running free Yoga Centre
  • Assisting students from Under-privileged section in meeting their educational expenses
  • Organises free Bengali Learning Classes every week
  • Assisting the patients from down-trodden sections towards their medical expenses
  • Assisting the senior citizens who are staying alone in the colony, in case they suddenly fall ill or otherwise.
  • Facilitate the citizens to meet together in the Mandir Prangan everyday for exchange of views and pleasantaries.
  • Making donations to Religious Organisation for pursuit of their religious activities.
  • Organising “Daridra Narayan Sewa” once a month.