Mandir Activity


  1. Performance of daily rituals of the deities in the three Temples strictly as per holy Almanac.
  2. Celebration of all puja / festival – like mega Durga Puja, Kalika Puja, Saraswaty Puja, Annpurna Puja, Jagadhatri Puja, Maha Shivratri, Ram Navmi, Bipattarini Puja, Neel Shasthi, Holy Milan.
  3. Assisting the Devotees in their performance of Shradh Ceremony, Till Tartpan Ceremony and other personal obeisance.

Sports & Cultural:

  1. Celebration of Naba Barsha, Rabindra Jayanti, Barsha Mangal
  2. Birthday Celebration of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Ishwar Chandra Vidya Sagar, Rishi Aurobindo, Thakur Sri Sri Ramkrishna, Sri Sri Maa Sarda and Swami Vivekananda.
  3. Organising Cultural Programme during the four days of Durga Puja Festival, on all the public puja days, and organizing children’s day
  4. Organising Annual Sports Day for Children.

Development – Organisation:

  1. Maintenance of the three Temples and providing other infrastructural facilities for the convenience of the devotee
  2. Attention for preserving the greeneries and sprucing of the ambience constantly.
  3. Maintenance of Dharmashala
  4. Special attention for the beautification of the gardens and Musical Fountain.

Devotee Service-Dharmashala:

Numerous people, patients, students, job-seekers, pilgrims and tourists come to the capital for various needs. To mitigate acute hardship which a visitor in the capital faces to find suitable accommodation at a reasonable charge, Kali Mandir maintains a ‘Yatriniwas’ (dharmashala); at a very nominal donation. Maintaning a ‘SANT Niwas’ ; for the visiting Monks.

Social Service Activity:

  1. Running Homeopathy and Naturapathy Dispensaries.
  2. Running Free Reading Room and Library
  3. Running Yoga Centre.
  4. Assisting students from under-privileged sections in meeting their educational expenses.
  5. Assisting patients from the down-trodden sections towards their medical expenses.
  6. Assisting the Sr. Citizens, who are staying alone in the colony in case they suddenly fall ill or otherwise.
  7. Making Donations to Religious Organisations for pursuit of their religious activities.
  8. Promotion of Bengali language by holding seminars, running Bengali language classes.
  9. Feeding economically weakest section: (Daridro Narayan Seva)

Down the Timeline…

  • 21 January,1973:
    resolution to build a temple was taken in a meeting of resident at I-1614
  • 25 February:
    public notice inviting plot holders to assemble on 4th March was published in Statesman and Indian Express.
  • 4 March,1973:
    Allottees of plots met at the zonal park opposite to plot 1647. A steering committee was formed. “Chittaranjan Park Kali mandir Society” was born.